The Job

I am not young, but at 30 things still look fresh to me. I feel fresh and I am a fresh graduate. From my days as a hero waiter cum bartender passing through the time when I was a law school student and down towards the day I got kicked out from the faculty of electrical engineering, I have many refreshing moments in my life. Such moments had made me moved from one adventure to another. Now, after finally managed to complete my studies, I have a little fear that grew out of annoyances and confusions of what gambit I have to make. I have many untested moves. I would like to test some of them. Doubt suddenly appears out of the pockets of my mind. Such doubts are caused by the fact that I always hear the honking or barking of voices that screams and sometime laughs at the impending failure that I am about to be in just soon enough. They are still laughing. I need a job. The job. They say I will get the Jab. Dush! I bet it will be refreshing.

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