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My Answer to the Questionnaire For Establishment Of Board of Computing Professionals Malaysia (BCPM)

This proposal signifies the ineptitude OR shortsightedness OR the slyness of the persons behind it. IT is a field where applications of knowledge of multiple domains are being used so that data or input is structured and translated to provide the appropriate stimulation to the end user in the form of output. That is basically the same for any other fields. For example, running a grocery shop, teaching in school, collecting garbage and everything under the sun. If you want to regulate IT please also regulate everything else. Let the irrationality clouds everybody.

There are several reasons of why this proposal should be scrapped.(Many more can be said about it, since ignorance is infinite)

1. There are enough laws in this country that cover disputes in IT. In the light of civil law, the Law of Contract and the Law of Torts. Any breaches of contracts or occurrences of negligent conducts in IT are covered here. There remedies are adequate.

2. There are enough criminal laws in the country that covers any criminal act or negligence. The Penal Code is sufficient. Everything is covered.

3. With respect to the Laws of the Nation, nothing is not encompassed by them with regards to IT field unless the intention of the persons promoting this proposal is to induce unfair burden to the IT community. For example, to make certain offences strict liability in nature (element of intention is not needed in order to convict the alleged person) or to reduce the burden of proof before the court of law or perhaps to make the IT community subjected to a fringe administrative court. In the light of Sacred Justice, this is unfair. It makes the job of the prosecutor easier but nothing productive will be achieved.

4. This proposal produces oxymoronic behaviors even before it is put in place. For example, the persons in the relevant ministries or any government offices (perhaps the AG chambers and MOSTI? :-) ) will make sure that this bill will be enacted regardless whether it will be for the good or not since their career advancement will be affected by the success of this bill. The point I’m trying to make here is that the arms of the Government should be directed at solving REAL problems not the artificial ones. For once they are in full swing the momentum gathered will make them harder to stop. Hence, once they reached at the destination, it will start a ripple effect that will cause unnecessary frenzy that will cloud the objectivity of every IT persons in the country of why they are in this field in the first place.

5. So what will happen after the Act being passed? Companies will take advantage of students who yet to posses the professional title as we seen in the law firm where chambering students are being paid substandard salary. (the law firm usually maliciously put this as allowance) Luckily for the would be lawyers the standard is only around 9 months to a year. We the IT graduates will have to endure more then them (according to the proposal).

6. Another thing that will happened is the state of oligopoly in the IT industry in Malaysia. It will happen because the difficulty of opening an IT business in the country. Old firm will flourish and it will be hard for newer firm to establish. Why? because it will be late to start an enterprise or company there will be extra hurdle to overcome. Scenario: Graduated at 23 + 3 years of ‘Tutelage’ + God Knows what. Motivation will wane as we get older. The success of IT industry is not based on the rules of the profession, but rather the entrepreneurship. The more IT company exist, the better and more mature the industry will be.

7. After the Bill becomes an Act and comes into effect, the dream of a perfect IT world as we know it will never come to Malaysia. I realize that we are far from it. However, the problem does not lies in the industry but rather the academia. It is a well known fact to students in a computer science faculty, many lecturers are not even knowledgeable enough in programming and even in fundamental knowledge in the field that they are teaching. Some students who do not know programming can get a degree in computer science. This is where the Government must swing the aforementioned arm into. If you provide a medicine for the wrong illness people will die!

8. As far as I scoured the Seoul Accord website, nothing on it stated that the applicant must establish a professional body but rather they are dealing with the accreditation of programs in the IHL. So why Seoul Accord is used as an excuse to push for this proposal? Calm illogical behavior usually suggests a cunning intention. Unless further reasonable explanation is given the IT community must perceive it that way.

9. I can write better than this providing with many evidences and more arguments. However, it is illogical to do so since it will steal much treasured time from me to improve my skills in the IT industry. My suggestion is we should learn from the best. The best IT industry is in USA. Follow them. It is the straight path. Try to provide what they have in this country. They have:

a) Enough great universities with great programs and great professors.
b) Great climate to cultivate entrepreneurship in the IT industry.
c) Irrelevant body like BCPM does not exist.


a) Make sure our universities are great. Compel current and future lecturers to take a strict qualification test for them to prove their skills in IT and teaching. If they fail, suspend current lecturers and do not renew their tenure until they pass a resit and for the hopeful interviewees do not hire them. Lastly compel them to be a member of an academic professional body like BCPM that will ensure their skills to be satisfactory all the time.
b) Give more money to create start-ups and the panel giving the money should only comprised of successful venture capitalists or IT entrepreneurs preferably from successful IT nations. (But before that, mend the universities first)
c) Scrapped BCPM!

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Internet: Hampering Productivity of a Curious Mind

I love the Internet. I get pleasure from it. Too much Pleasure. According to Spice Girls, Too much of something is bad. The same premise makes me feel the same about the Internet. I had too much Internet time. It made me absorbed too much information and be less thoughtful. You can get immediate answers to almost every question. So it makes you want to ask more questions. It will be endless. I hate the Internet because of this. This is a bad post.

Too Much of Something is bad enough,
But something’s coming over me to make me wonder,
Too Much of nothing is just as tough,
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied

That’s how I feel…


Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

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Film Review: Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is a film blessed by the accuracy of its name to the feeling that showers you throughout the viewing. Believe me you will agree that the name of the film that you just watched should be called Little Miss Sunshine. What I love about the film is the complexity of the storyline and the plots blend very well to produce a feeling that you supposed to have. You suppose to feel like watching Little Miss Sunshine. If you feel your family is dysfunctional or totally weird, compare to the Hoover. You will believe in the family institution again. If you don’t know how to be a proper father, grandpa, mother, uncle or a brother to a 7-year-old girl, then watch this film. (But never teach your granddaughter to striptease)

Here’s the trailer:

The Job

I am not young, but at 30 things still look fresh to me. I feel fresh and I am a fresh graduate. From my days as a hero waiter cum bartender passing through the time when I was a law school student and down towards the day I got kicked out from the faculty of electrical engineering, I have many refreshing moments in my life. Such moments had made me moved from one adventure to another. Now, after finally managed to complete my studies, I have a little fear that grew out of annoyances and confusions of what gambit I have to make. I have many untested moves. I would like to test some of them. Doubt suddenly appears out of the pockets of my mind. Such doubts are caused by the fact that I always hear the honking or barking of voices that screams and sometime laughs at the impending failure that I am about to be in just soon enough. They are still laughing. I need a job. The job. They say I will get the Jab. Dush! I bet it will be refreshing.

My 5th Space

A few weeks ago I bought this domain with the intention of having a blog with my own name. Therefore, I will no longer post any any entries at All the contents of the aforementioned blog will be moved here. Enjoy!

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